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Here in Milan for #IDC2016. Woohoo! 
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Here in Milan for #IDC2016. Woohoo!

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Monster Crafts posted a discussion in Barbie
I'm opening this discussion just for fun. Since the Made to move dolls came out, many collectors have been buying them because of their poseability and also to rebody their non articulated dollies. I've picked up a few favorites that should have a Made to Move version I'd love to see your favourites too.Summer is an sports lover, so why wouldn't they give her a Made to Move body?This fashionista has one of my favourite faces, so I'd really like to see more of her in future lines. I just hope th…
13 hours ago
Dom - alias Lilly Chevalier-Fox posted a discussion in Theme of the Month
May is upon us and spring is blooming (at least around me )  who is not touched by a beautiful flower? our dolls are as well.
Let see what flowers inspire you. 
Pictures can be "flower Power" hippy style  or allegory, or a simple dress in floral pattern, or a blooming  background, let your imagination guide you
The rules of the theme photo friendly competition are very simple:

Your photo must contain a doll or dolls
The photo must be taken recently and specifically for the challenge
Make sure…
18 hours ago
Marilyn Allen posted a photo
Since I could't talk Horsman into making a male doll that poses as well a my Urban Vita's do, I gave in and bought a bjd that comes with two face plates.  I think Dalila does great looking men!  He should arrive soon, these are her photos of him. (I don't get the wig ...that stays with her)Her website in case you want to look at handsome men!
First of all, I'm going to tell you that I have never figured out how to really communicate on this board. Give me a break! I'm old .. we didn't even have TV when I was born, let alone computers ... that is said to let you know that I have no idea where this will post or who will see it.
Anyway, my news is this .. for a long time I've wanted a male doll that would pose as well a my Urban Vita dolls (they are my fave, hands down) but I couldn't convince Horsman to make a male doll just for me…
  • Dom - alias Lilly Chevalier-Fox eh Marilyn you are doing great here (I am 63 and not such a computer literate either) keep on posting exactly as this and we all can enjoy and share :) your boys are soooooooooo good , I am quite certain that your vita girls will be all over them when they 'll arrive
    12 hours ago
  • Monster Crafts There are several ways to communicate in here and one is just what you did. I think is really nice and admirable that not so young people (I'm not going to say old) have interest in social networking and computers. Technology doesn't have to be exclusive for young people!
    Congratulations for your new dolls, I hope you enjoy them.
    12 hours ago
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