A PRECIOUS Superdoll to Delight You

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After spending much of the day feverishly refreshing my PC screen far more than is entirely necessary when I am supposed to be working, I managed to be at the right place when the latest Rebel Princess from Superdoll Collectables went on sale. Her name is PRECIOUS and she is beautiful!


I always love the descriptions that come with each Superdoll release, but SD really outdid themselves with this one. It really makes me love this girl even more…

Dreamy vanilla caramel eyes, arched for attitude brows in blonde with shadow of rose and muted blacks. Lids in translucent dark grey. Lips the colour of geranium infused rose. Huge blonde wig bearing center parting, in a ‘voluptuous’ state; cascading down either side of her face and swirling into waist length big loose curls. Today would be a day out with the gurls. Shopping? Lunch? High Tea?, and Venus has no intention of getting back to her ivory tower before daybreak, so she decided on her leopard and paisley ‘girly pentagram’ puffed sleeve smock frock; a pair of ‘off beat’ fishnet track pants. And just in case it gets a bit nippy on this summer’s eve, a huge big yellow fur wrap! She has this day to night to day feeling!

Wrapping her neck in bling ‘gold’ chokers to accentuate her cute organza collar and bow, she also added an armful of white lacquer bracelets. and finally adding that ‘what the heck is boho, anyway?’ slouchy fringed shoulder bag of olive, trimmed in real leather with England smiley, made her feel she had all she needs in a purse. She walked through the palace hallway, heading straight for the open door of her unmarked tinted window auto with her chauffeur closing the door, she murmured to herself: “see ya later”. Venus was heading out till tomorrow!

A PRECIOUS Superdoll to Delight You

No wonder she didn’t hang around long and was gone well within the hour of her release. Thanks to all the lovely folk at Sybomania too for sharing the anticipation!

So did you manage to grab this Princess? Let me know in the comments section below…

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