Integrity Toys Convention 2017 is a Fashion Fairytale

Integrity Toys Convention 2017 Will be a Fashion Fairytale

The long-awaited full details for the Integrity Toys Convention 2017 have just been revealed. However, if you were hoping to attend and you are not a member of the W Club, then it is unlikely you will be going. Places were offered up to W Club members on a first come first served basis yesterday, and the convention sold out in record time; despite some frustrating technical issues for many. Techni... »

Zipper Dressed Fashion Figure The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ Collection

Zipper Joins The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Collection

Now that Integrity Toys‘ Jem and The Holograms licence with Hasbro is winding down we will see the final four dolls released this year. The first of these dolls has just been announced – Zipper. He is a slightly obscure character from the Jem TV series but one who has some pretty significant storylines – being responsible for burning down Jerrica Benson’s Starlight House be... »

paris fashion doll festival 2017 convention dolls - superdoll and barbie

The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Convention Dolls

Sadly I wasn’t able to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival this year. It would have been wonderful to have been able to spend my birthday there. Like many, I have been living vicariously through those attending the convention in person via Facebook. One such conventioneer was Ibrahim Ismail, who is himself a well-known figure in the doll world. He very kindly allowed me to share his pictu... »

fun barbie facts to celebrate barbie doll's 58th year

33 Fun Facts to Celebrate Barbie’s 58th Birthday

Today is Barbie‘s 58th birthday – and she doesn’t look a day over 25! Here are 33 fun facts you may or may not know about the world’s favourite doll and cultural icon: Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts She is from (fictional) Willows, Wisconsin where she attended High School Barbie’s official birthday is, today, March 9, 1959 – the exact date she was unv... »

marcelo Jacob Fashion doll designer and atelier

Marcelo Jacob: A Doll of a Designer

Marcelo Jacob is a highly talented designer and dressmaker who creates for both 16″ and 12″ fashion dolls. Originating from Brazil but now living and working in Spain Jacob first came to my attention when he joined and began sharing photos of his beautiful creations there. He had not long been designing at this time. Since then Jacob has gone on to achieve great thing... »

New Integrity Toys The Industry Collection Unveiled

New Integrity Toys The Industry Collection Unveiled

Launching this weekend is the first proper collection of Integrity Toys The Industry line of 12.5-inch fashion dolls. The line was introduced in Spring 2016 with the first doll, Lady Stardust Tulabelle. The Industry sees the previously 16″ scale Tulabelle doll shrunk down to the more popular IT size. Tulabelle With this initial wave, designed by David Buttry, she is joined by four friends &#... »

W Club WInners of the Fashion Doll Awards

Time’s Nearly up to Join The #DOFDAs Winning W Club

As you will probably know, Integrity Toys swept the boards at this year’s Fashion Doll Awards thanks to the public vote. They received awards in the Best Plastic/Vinyl Fashion Doll, Convention Exclusive, Corporate Retailer and Accessory categories. One of their other wins was in the Innovations Award, which this year celebrated achievements in Customer Relations. I’m ... » Fashion Doll Awards Winners Announcement

The Fashion Doll Awards 2017: Winners Announcement is pleased to announce that our 2017 Fashion Doll Awards Winners have been chosen. Over the last month, and after our members made their nominations, the Fashion Doll Community has been voting in their hundreds. These awards represent the very best of the dolls, designers, artists, retailers and bloggers and more over the last year. This year we also have a special new award, the... »

become a doll collector - why paying with dolls is good for you

Playing With Dolls is Good for You

When I first embarked on my fashion doll journey, sometime back in the late 1990’s, collecting dolls was rather straightforward; you collected them, and you either unboxed your dolls, or you didn’t. That was about it. At least that was all that anyone at the time was prepared to admit to. Maybe that was because we didn’t have Facebook and the permission to share it now gives us! Since the ad... »

Superdoll EROSIA Sybarite

Let Superdoll EROSIA be Your Valentine

Superdoll always treats collectors to seasonal and special occasion Sybarite dolls, and Valentine’s is one of those times of the year that many of us forward the most. This year we have been given EROSIA, a Japanese Lolita themed beauty in powder blue bows and frills. Plus the cutest chrome cupid bow and arrow set… ever! I think EROSIA is exquisite, I love her Lolita girl styling and t... »