Time’s Nearly up to Join The #DOFDAs Winning W Club

As you will probably know, Integrity Toys swept the boards at this year’s DollObservers.com Fashion Doll Awards thanks to the public vote. They received awards in the Best Plastic/Vinyl Fashion Doll, Convention Exclusive, Corporate Retailer and Accessory categories. One of their other wins was in the Innovations Award, which this year celebrated achievements in Customer Relations. I’m sure a huge contributing factor for this is their W Club.

The W Club provides IT fans with an exclusive forum, savings vouchers, sneak peaks, first dibs on new dolls, and a range of exclusive dolls over the course of the year. This year there are three upgrade dolls and for the first time a wonderful diorama!

Registration closes in less than 24 hours!

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My name is Simon Farnworth and I am the owner and community manager here on DollObservers.com. I am a long time Fashion Doll Lover and Collector and self confessed techno geek! Be sure to say hello 🙂

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