Integrity Toys East 59th Doll Collection Launched

Integrity Toys East 59th Doll Collection Launched

This weekend we are introduced to the brand new Integrity Toys East 59th doll collection. It also introduces a brand new, if not well trodden, storyline of models, agents, high glamour and general Upper East Side shenanigans. All set in 1950’s New York with corresponding fashions of that era. We are also promised the entrance of Victoire Roux at some point in the future. In this first wave, there are 2 characters and 4 dolls to choose from. They also feature a new body, but few details about this have been released so far. However, it seems similar to the recent The Industry dolls.

Chris Stoeckel designed the line, and the story is a collaboration with Alain Tremblay. Here is the official story introduction.

Picture a woman, a man, a big city and a chance meeting that would launch the career of a lifetime.

As we furtively glanced at each other in the luscious decor of the Hawthorn Room, I immediately knew that a truly exciting path was ahead. My name is Evelyn Weaverton and my life completely changed the day he discovered me.

That is until she arrived on the scene, the mane of all my troubles, the one everyone in the industry loved to hate, Constance Madssen.

I found fame, drama and love on East 59th, wrapped in the arms of glamour. This Spring, follow our adventures and together we will shine like no one ever has before!

Luxurious Leisure Constance Madssen Dressed Doll The ‘East 59th’ Collection

When suave and stylish New York dandy Laird Drake formed the Drake Agency, little did he know that he had just set in place the first stone of a drama that would unfold on East 59th. Soon joined by Constance Madssen, his first high-profile model, his girls would soon become the most sought-after faces to advertise all sorts of glamorous products. From the slimmest, smoothest, most fashionable cigarette brands of the day, to the latest shades of makeup and hair color, Constance was working non-stop, that is, until sweet and innocent Evelyn came about. That is when everything hit the proverbial fan and one of the most publicized feuds of the industry began.

Classic Glamour Evelyn Weaverton Dressed Doll The ‘East 59th’ Collection

Laird Drake knows how to pick a winner when he sees one and he definitely hit the jackpot when Evelyn Weaverton walked into his life! No one had ever seen such fire mixed with innocence before! With her kind, beautiful eyes and her stylish demeanor always on-point, he could have given her the moon on the spot to snag her for his agency, much to the dismay of his other prima donna, Constance Madssen. Was the city big enough to have two such incredibly beautiful stars competing for success under the same roof?

Glittering Gala Evelyn Weaverton Dressed Doll The ‘East 59th’ Collection

Sweet and delicate Evelyn Weaverton truly made her mark in the modeling world as the one every woman wants to emulate. On the page, she’s just gorgeous and sophisticated; in other words, the perfect all-American trophy gal every red-blooded male wants to be seen with. However, reality can be quite different. This girl has the determination of an Olympian and no man can come between her and her dreams. Unless maybe, that man is Laird Drake? After all, he did discover her and she owes him a lot!

Captivating Cocktails Constance Madssen Dressed Doll The ‘East 59th’ Collection

The moment he saw her, elegantly clutching her pearls at the best possible table in the house, he knew right there he had to meet the woman everyone in the swanky New York establishment was whispering about. Unfortunately for him, Laird Drake had no idea the extent of the ripples this little lady was about to create for his budding modeling agency. Would he be able to control the new diva he had his eyes on? To think that she just looked so sweet sitting there, demurely hiding behind the Hawthorn Room’s elegant oversized menu, staring at him with those gorgeous eyes…

All the dolls are in an edition size of 400 and retail for $135. W Club members had first dibs but they are now available to order for everyone.

Finally, the packaging is pretty cool, with drawers for all the accessories.

Integrity Toys East 59th Packaging

Integrity Toys East 59th: The Verdict

I’m sure this collection will be very popular and judging by the difficulty some W Club members have been having reserving these dolls, they are.  However, I won’t be ordering. I would definitely want most of the accessories though! I love the champagne set, the cocktail classed and the makeup set. A lot of folks are upset by the plastic shoes. I don’t mind this as I often find that some of the more intricate IT shoes don’t fit. At least these should.

I’m not turned on by the 1950’s Katy Keene vibe look but I can certainly appreciate the stylishness of them. Captivating Cocktails Constance Madssen is my favourite with her beautifully tailored ensemble. On the other hand, Classic Glamour Evelyn Weaverton looks like a work in progress with the lack of detailing on her stole and top. Did I mention I love the accessories???

So what’s your verdict? Did you pre-order any of these dolls? Let me know in the comments section below.

My name is Simon Farnworth and I am the owner and community manager here on I am a long time Fashion Doll Lover and Collector and self confessed techno geek! Be sure to say hello :)


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    I didn’t join this year. The fact that I make my own clothes puts me into different category of collector than the other members and I didn’t find enough dolls that made me want to plunk down the high prices they were asking. The doll herself has got to be special. I bought Fresh and Delightful Veronique because she was truly beautiful and different enough from the other IT dolls in my collection. There is only one doll in the East 59th Street collection that would half way tempt me and that is “Evelyn.” The other dolls are lovely but not drop-dead-gorgeous-stop-traffic enough. I do like the fact that IT has returned to styled hair. That is a plus. I know there is a huge market for these retro fashion dolls, but I am not one of those collectors. (I have one Gloria Vanbuilt and she’s enough.) I like the champagne bottle & glasses as well as the new design of the box, but NOT at all the plastic shoes. If I want plastic shoes, I’ll buy Barbie. Those intricate little shoes FR is best known for are so beautiful…it’s the reason why I’ll pay $30+ on the secondary market for them. So that’s a disappointment for me. But I do agree with you, for the average collector, this collection will be a big hit.

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      Thanks for this FDS. I love that these dolls have opened up a debate. The think I like abut IT is the variety. I know some will want to collect EVERYTHING but the rest of us can pick and choose from the different lines or stick to just one… plastic shes permitting 😉

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    Holy crap this line is ugly! I’m surprised it is selling out at dealers. From the awful logo and those terrible ugly stripes – their designers do not know what 1950’s American graphics design looked like at all – to those terrible fabrics, this line is a huge miss. I don’t undersand Integrity’s constant shifting of their vintage lines. Victoire? Katy Keene? East 59th? Poppy Parker? They all seem like knock offs of each other. And so many different body types? They sure would benefit from a branding overhaul. If they want to compete with Barbie Silkstones, it won’t take much, but this is not it.

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      I agree about the graphics. Not very 50s at all. Also as someone mentioned it would be nice to see the proper, shorter 50s hairstyle that the models of the days sported. I still love the accessories though!

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        Simon, why is my avatar showing up next to Bella W.’s comment? (It’s not a stock photo!)

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          We have gremlins! For me it is showing MY avatar!! 😮

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    I ordered Classic Glamour Evelyn and Glittering Gala Evelyn.The only reason I ordered from this collection was because I really like her sculpt, as well as the hairstyles and facial screening.The accessories are great and it would be nice if they included something like this for every collection. Maybe, if we’re lucky, they will keep this up( since the “Industry” line also had great props). I’m not a fan of the retro look or the dolls clothing, except for Captivating Cocktails Constance. I think you’re right about the variety, I enjoy making changes in what I collect and am happy to see them switch it up and surprise us.I also felt that the 2 Evelyn’s could be redressed successfully in modern fashions and look great. No doubt I will be playing around a bit with their hair!

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