My Top 10 Fashion Doll Wants!

My Top 10 Fashion Doll Wants!{subid}&url=starwars7.asp

Do I look like a real gal?

I’ve had a severe case of writers block these last few weeks and in order to stir the creative juices decided to make a plea via Twitter for some inspirational suggestions. One very helpful Twitter-er, Mothdoll, suggested writing about the dolly things I’d like to see but aren’t yet true. Well that really got me thinking and therefore here are my very own “Top 10 Fashion Doll Wants”!

1. I love an articulated doll. In fact I adore the realistic poses they can achieve as opposed to the “zombie” look of less articulated dolls (Miss B take a bow!). However, and it pains me to admit, I do have a wee bit of an issue with ugly joints. There we go I’ve said it, no matter how I try I just can’t get past UGLY joints! They can mar photos and they make me point blank refuse to put a doll in shorts! So please doll inventor people come up with a way of making articulation look more real, just like those beautiful faces you so wonderfully create.

2. Can someone please stop Robert Tonner jumping on every single franchise bandwagon and start concentrating on designing fashion dolls? You know those very things that made him what he is and made us all adore him for his great talent! I mean ballerina Wizard of Oz dolls? Whatever next!

3. What I’d also love to see is far more accessories for the 16” brigade. By that I mean things like furniture, diorama items, backdrops and anything that can make their environments that bit more realistic. As a child I always loved playsets and I’d love to see “official” environments for my dolls to be displayed and photographed in.

4. Less harmful packaging please! Why should it take an hour to debox a doll and drag half a headful of hair out of their head in the process!

5. Please no more dead baby dolls creeping into fashion doll shows/sales rooms. It’s like oil and water and just ain’t right I’m afraid!

6. I’d love to see more realistic short hairstyles because how many women do you know that have hair down to their beltline?

7. Sort out the prices. I mean I may be an adult collector but does that mean I have to pay prices that would make a millionaire wince? I love my dolls but I do have to eat! Although that said I can go without if Superfock have a particularly wonderful trifle on offer…

8. As a UK resident I would love to see some actual real life doll shops rather than just relying on the Internet and evilbay.

9. And as a UK resident why of why are US shipping rates so darned expensive!

10. Finally please can it be law that celebrity likenesses be actual likenesses rather than bizarre recycled moulds!

So there is my top 10. Does anyone agree or disagree or have any other suggestions? Please comment and let me know.

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My name is Simon Farnworth and I am the owner and community manager here on I am a long time Fashion Doll Lover and Collector and self confessed techno geek! Be sure to say hello :)


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    1: I agree, I do not like the ugly joints either!! long time ago went I was kid , I received a doll (barbie size)with joints hidden under a kind of soft/rubbery/foamy skin!! I wonder why we could not have this on larger doll?

    2: Robert please stop!! I am waiting for more male doll who are NOT heroes!!

    3: here I should say that I love “making”my own stuff, even if it (from fare)not as beautiful, it is soooo fun to do lol

    4: I am still using the boxes to (at least try)organize my stuff, but right again, our dolls are way to difficult to remove without problem

    5: AGREE!! and can we stop those charming Ladies to say-“oh you will love the doll I have…I had it when I was a kid…it’s porcelain (indeed) I am sure you will adore it!!! (NO I DO NOT)

    6: yes I agree. more short hair and choice of doll with /without hair (I love wigs)

    7:Agree the accessories can be cheaper too. I just this morning, (June 12 2010) bought key chain shoes that fit perfectly Tonner/Gene and the were…0.75 Euro/piece (4 pairs of shoes for 8.00 Euros!!!

    8: same here in Spain!! not enough doll shopping place. when I go tho (southern)France I visit Ün petit plus” 6 rue regal, Nimes 30000 ( not too much, but at least something (Tonner and doll houses)

    9: same for Spain are we European doomed???

    10: agree, very few are actually as they should be

    see in all, I quite agree with you!! hee hee

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      Thanks Lilly as always! It’s great to hear I am not alone in my doll thinking!

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    Couldn’t agree with you more about the ugly joints…I mean who wants to see a Fashion Royalty in a bikini Bottom?

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