superdoll sybarite TU

Superdoll Release New Sybarite TU

Superdoll have just released a new Sybarite TU. Here is the blurb from the site: “I’m so excited to be meeting up with the gurls for tea!” Tu thought it very apt to wear her slippers to the party! Venus can’t wait for the tea time games they will play in the miniature chashitsu created for them in the London Salon. GENX.2 body! Cosmetique skintone! With memories of Pyjama P... »

Rome Fashion Doll Convention 2016

Rome Fashion Doll Convention 2016

This weekend saw the Rome Fashion Doll Convention 2016 take place in – if you couldn’t guess already – Rome. The theme for this Year was ‘FASHIONABLE’. There was not one, but two, exclusive dolls. The first was a Robert Best designed, articulated Silkstone Classic Black Dress variation. This time a strawberry blonde doll with the same outfit as the Paris exclusive. Ne... »

ashley graham ooak barbie

Ashley Graham OOAK Barbie Doll

Today Barbie honours Ashley Graham, model and body activist, by unveiling a one-of-a-kind doll in her likeness. The doll was unveiled at the first-ever Glamour Women of the Year LIVE summit in Los Angeles. Graham was also named a 2016 Glamour Woman of the Year. Barbie is celebrating Graham for pushing boundaries within fashion, and for promoting a message of body positivity, self-acceptance and fe... »

Halloween Superdoll Style - Sybarite MONARCH!

Halloween Superdoll Style – MONARCH!

So this Halloween saw the Superdoll Collectables tradition of a special doll release continue when new Sybarite MONARCH was announced. And what a spooktacular beauty she is! And from the Superdoll Site itself: MONARCH DD_116 The Howling wolves could not keep her contained as Venus slipped from the darkness into the midnight forest. It’s a very eerie night tonight, and this glamour hybrid is ... »

superdoll decadent detour convention las vegas

Superdoll’s Decadent Detour in Las Vegas

This weekend in Las Vegas saw the latest Superdoll US Convention ‘Decadent Detour’ and it certainly seemed to live up to its name! Organised to perfection, yet again, by Drama Queen Productions. There were three (non OOAK or Salon) dolls unveiled  as far as I can tell: Friday’s Neon luncheon event Companion Doll, Baccarat, held at the very apt and intriguing Neon Museum. The Oasi... »

marcelo jacob

Salamanca: Marcelo Jacob Earns his Stripes

Talented designer Marcelo Jacob has just announced his latest creation, Salamanca, which plays homage to the famous black and white stripes of the original Barbie doll. In Marcelo’s own words: “I love the classics, and the Iconic Barbie Zebra Swimsuit will always inspire me. I’ve been looking for black and white stripes in many different materials and the Salamanca fabric came fr... »

Misty Copeland Doll Ballet Barbie Doll

Barbie Launches Misty Copeland Doll

Barbie Continues the Brand’s Legacy of Honoring Female Heroes Barbie® is honoring Misty Copeland by unveiling a doll in her likeness to continue to show girls they can be anything.  Copeland, the first African-American female principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre (ABT), has been a role model to girls throughout her career. The doll is part of the Barbie Sheroes program, honoring fema... »

Oscar de la Renta Barbie Doll

Barbie Unveils Oscar de la Renta Doll

Barbie® partners with Oscar de la Renta to launch the Oscar de la Renta Barbie® doll, just in time for wedding season. This bridal doll is the perfect gift for the stylish bride-to-be. As a fashion icon, Barbie continues to be a muse to fashion’s top designers. Oscar de la Renta was famously the first to design for the doll back in 1985, and again in 1998. Once again, in 2016, Oscar de la Renta ca... »

Barbie Exhibition Musee des Arts decoratifs

Barbie Exhibition at Musee des Arts décoratifs, Paris

 Barbie Exhibition on from  March 10 – September 18, 2016 From the moment Barbie was introduced to the world, a fashion icon was born. Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has served as a model and muse to the most world renowned names in fashion and the arts. She provides the ultimate canvas for their imaginations, to identify and play out their dreams. Today, she continues to be at the center of pop ... »

Sanctum- A Superdoll Chalk White Exhibit

Superdoll Sanctum: A Sybarite Chalk White Exhibit

The Superdoll 2015 London Convention, ‘Neutron Prom’, kicked off last night with a Chalk White Exhibit by Superdoll Sanctum. Although I wasn’t a conventioneer (sadly!) I was lucky enough to be invited to gate crash the event. Therefore able to enjoy the spectacle that always accompanies these amazing works of art in resin. The chosen venue was a sanctum indeed: a long lost Masoni... »