1. Festival of shame !!

    Shame on Mattel !!

    We were all so disappointed !! No exclusive doll made specially for us ! A repro doll which can be bought on ebay for $ 40 !!
    And even no choice of the doll on Saturday morning ! Only the black barbie repro left !!

    And what about the tables ? No menu presenting the dishes ; only 2 dolls to win (usually 8 other little presents) ; and someone was begging for bred !! there was not enough bred !! and it was not very tasty !!

    That was my 5th Paris Fashion Doll Festival and the worse really !!

    I hope it would be better next year !!

    1. Yes indeed it was far from satisfactory although as it was my first festival I hadn’t any previous experience to compare it too. Myself and my guest are both vegetarian and our meals were far from satisfactory also!! Apparently they hadn’t catered for so many of us even though we had booked months in advance with our food requirements! Expect a full report in part 2!!

  2. Well for a first festival, you were not very lucky !

    That’s something I can’t understand : The organizer has one year to prepare the festival. I think that’s enough time to make everything all right !
    This year it was a real disaster !
    I really don’t know what happened !
    And even the little prize for the silkstone quizz, the vanity case was an old item : it was given 3 or 4 years ago !! My table won it ; Finally, I had 4 vanity cases ! I gave one to my niece, she was very pleased !

    Nothing new, no surprise, nothing, that’s a summary of the 2010 festival !!

  3. No one mentioned the terrible hotel and the location.
    It was worse than a 50’s Howard Johnson Motel…and far less clean.
    The organizers really need to consider another location and hotel for future festivals. I would have really been upset if I had stayed at this hotel my entire Paris stay.

  4. Yes it wasn’t exactly a desirable neighbourhood of Paris was it! The hotel was rather overpriced too I thought!

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