1. I think that Mattel’s convention doll has a pretty face, but it seems that some collectors expected something a little bit more “special”. I think I prefer this one to the Japan convention one though. The Sybarite doll has the glamour of an old movie star!

    1. Author

      Yes, she has really caused a lot of “discussion” for certain. You can’t please all the collectors all of the time 😉

  2. So happy that people shared their photos! I will never be able to attend such an event so it is really special to see those photos. I’m not a true Barbie collector, though I do have Barbie dolls – and I have to say I like the articulation and the hair on this doll. I think she is a pretty doll – and I would play with her for sure. 🙂

    1. Author

      Articulation is something collectors have been asking for for years. And look what happens when they get it, LOL.

  3. I hope UK will get it’s own Fashion Doll Convention. It’s not fair! 😀

    I hope Superdoll will start selling resin dolls on their website.

  4. The Mattel doll is lame IMO. It’s too bad that so many look forward to a really special doll at that event. Everything changes.
    I like the face on the Sybarite with blonde hair and both color versions of the fashion. The purse is wonderful.

    1. Author

      Yes things do change indeed. I guess perhaps it’s time to look at that event as a whole. To be honest there is little else going for it other than the dolls and the company of other collectors. The meal can be dire and it is all over in a couple of hours. No break out meetings, no talks, no workshops, do disco! Not a lot for 125 euros when you consider the doll is free for them…

      I did consider offering to hold an awards ceremony, of sorts, during the event for our DOFDAs to help perk things up but I couldn’t make it this year. Kathy, who runs PFDF is quite resistant to change so not sure if she would taken me up on the offer anyway.

  5. I am like Kinlondon , waiting patiently for a “London Fashion Doll Convention ” you can be sur to see me there 🙂

  6. Ah, Mattel’s doll comes with a little doll as well as articulation? I’d be happy.
    The Sybarites both looked lovely.

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