The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Convention Dolls

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Sadly I wasn’t able to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival this year. It would have been wonderful to have been able to spend my birthday there. Like many, I have been living vicariously through those attending the convention in person via Facebook. One such conventioneer was Ibrahim Ismail, who is himself a well-known figure in the doll world. He very kindly allowed me to share his pictures of the convention exclusive dolls.

First up we have Superdoll‘s Friday night cocktail event Sybarite doll, Fanfares D’Amour. She is a Gen4 resin doll.

Fanfares D’Amour, FPFD 2017 Exclusive Sybarite Doll

I love her glamorous look  and her baguette purse (for that it is) is to die for!

Next up was the Exclusive Barbie doll, designed by Bill Greening and donated by Mattel

PFDF 2017 Convention Exclusive Barbie

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Barbie

Let’s  just remember she is comes free from Mattel. So play nice people.

At the Sunday Salesroom, and for those with the stamina to be the first in the queue, there was another Superdoll Exclusive to be had. Again she is a resin doll and her name is Reve Rose and she is a colour variation of the Friday event doll. She was 600 Euros.

Reve Rose, PFDF 2017 Sunday Salesroom Exclusive Sybarite Doll

So there we have it for another year, in Paris at least. There’s still a lot of Conventions to come and I will be at at least 2 of these this year.

So what do you think of this year’s Paris offerings? Let me know in the comments section below.

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