Superdoll Sanctum: A Sybarite Chalk White Exhibit

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The Superdoll 2015 London Convention, ‘Neutron Prom’, kicked off last night with a Chalk White Exhibit by Superdoll Sanctum. Although I wasn’t a conventioneer (sadly!) I was lucky enough to be invited to gate crash the event. Therefore able to enjoy the spectacle that always accompanies these amazing works of art in resin.

The chosen venue was a sanctum indeed: a long lost Masonic Temple, recently discovered behind hidden a wall at The Andaz Hotel near Liverpool Street Station, right in the heart of old London. After making our way through the frenzied Friday night crowd, we found ourselves in the Hotel’s foyer before being directed upstairs to the Temple’s antechamber. We were then given an envelope containing a beautiful Superdoll card, event flyers, and wristbands. I love an event wristband, in fact, I still have mine on as a reminder!

Superdoll convention sanctum

After an anxious wait, although providing an excellent opportunity to meet up with old friends and finally meet those previously only known online, it was time for the Superboys to make their entrance. True to form there was nothing mundane in the execution as they entered resplendent in white forensic boilersuits and booties. It seemed as though they were dressed prepared for chemical spills. Appropriate indeed, as not only was this to be a Chalk White exhibit, but also the launch of a brand new Superdoll product: a fragrance for the discerning fashion doll collector. Eau de Sybarite, if you will.

The ever lovely Izzy, a stalwart Sybarite collector and aficionado, made a beautiful speech on behalf of the boys to introduce the fragrance. In it she recalled an Haute Doll article from 2005 in which Venus herself recalls her favourite scents. All of these come together in the perfume’s scent – floral, woody undertones and just a hint of, well, plastic – seriously, what else would a Sybarite add to her perfect parfum! We were then all handed samples and scented cards to test. Soon the whole room was filled with the heady aroma as we checked out the packaging and wax sealed science-lab style scent bottles.

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After more catching up, hearing all about the first event doll Vanity and being made thoroughly jealous to hear that there would be a further THREE event dolls it was time to enter the temple for the main event. After some fanfare and as the music started, the incredibly large and intricately carved oak doors were flung open, and the throng surged forward to get inside. Once there we were greeted by majestic marble pillars, a domed ceiling and black and white tiled floor; what could only be described as a temple. And for tonight a temple to the Sybarite!

In the centre of the room where four lit display cases mounted on podiums but covered for now with black cloth. The light of the display cases shining through the fabric allowing us only a tantalising glimpse of the beauty they contained. The Superboys took their place at one of the ‘Thrones’ which stood at either end of the room and a voiceover boomed from the loudspeakers to set a magical scene and helped build the anticipation levels to a fever pitch. It was then time for them to step up and unveil the dolls as they ceremoniously pulled the covers from their cases. Gasps, cheers and clapping greeted each unveiling.

It was then time for us to jump from our chairs and descend to the floor to take a proper look at these beauties. And what a stunning collection. The dolls themselves were the ever present white resin, complete with Regency style ringlets and curls – but ever so couture – mohair wigs in various paintbox shades. The outfits were romantic and floral inspired. Many consisted of real oil and canvas paintings cut and manipulated into dresses, bodices and skirts. There was felt, fur, parasols, hats, pom poms and golden court shoes. It was a mesmerising array and it was incredibly difficult to choose a favourite. For that reason, I suspect the tooing-and-froing of the bidding process was not an easy one for those in a position to be able to purchase one.

All too soon it was time to take our leave for the long journey home. One year, if not the next, I hope to be a full Superdoll convention goer, but in the meantime it was wonderful to be allowed to allowed to have this glimpse into the Superdoll magic.

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