The theme of the 16th annual Paris Fashion Doll Convention 2010 was ‘Haute Couture of the Future’ so it was therefore a tantalising prospect to see what the boys over at Superdoll_Collectables™ would come up with. When I got my hands on my brand new Sybarite doll, ‘TiCK’, at their Friday evening ‘Disco 3000’ event I was not disappointed.

The corset is decorated with timepiece movements

Tick sports her earwigs!

She really is a unique Sybarite and like her name would suggest she has time related touches to her outfit such. For example at first glance her corset looks like it is covered in silver sequins. However on closer inspection we see that it is actually resplendent in metal timepiece movements as well as vertical lines of tiny crystals.

The timepiece motif continues with her earrings, the first time I have known Sybs to have earrings. Although this being a Sybarite, and no ordinary doll, her earrings are known to us as ‘Earwigs™’! The Earwigs do not puncture the precious resin earlobes though but hang from tiny hooks descending from the undersides of her wig.

The jet-black wig itself is a gorgeous concoction and boy is it high! There is a very Spanish influence with flavours of flamenco dancers and a matador’s banderilla. Plaits loop at the front and sides of the up-do with thicker plaits coiling around the back.

Her make-up is orange based to matching the coloured elements of her outfit and headdress. The colouring complements her luminous green eyes well and her applied eyelashes have a few silver lashes added in to continue the futuristic look.

The rest of TiCK’s ensemble consists of white feather skirt  both in mini form and attachable open fronted skirt in the same tradition of Paris showgirl as previous festival exclusive Sybs. She also sports what can only be described as an armoured vest. This is apparently a ‘Social Screener issue 032010 Super Screener’ as printed on the outside and one can only wonder what this could mean for our future couture! The vest is finely stitched in orange and fastens under the bust with a silver buckle. She is also suitably equipped with orange UV active armbands.

A pair of sheer orange hose lead down to the pièce de résistance and perhaps the finest killer heels that Superdoll has ever come up with. Silver spiked stilettos with ankle straps that fasten at the back with the tiniest of zips. The platform soles actually turn out to be hidden powder compacts complete with mirror and powder puff. Yes you heard right; powder compacts in the soles of her shoes!

More photos of tick can be found on my Flickr page here.

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