Happy Birthday Ken!

On March 11 we see the 50th Birthday of our favourite male arm candy, the one and only Mr Ken Carson. Of late he has really come into his own with a scene stealing role in Toy Story 3 and his very public mission to win back the love of his life, Barbie. Way to go Ken and a very happy birthday to ya! Related Articles Fun Ken facts (dollobserver.com) A 50 Year Romance: Barbie + Ken (dollobserver.com... »

It’s official: Barbie and Ken are back together…

Well it was the season of love so it was good timing for the most famous of dolls to mend their long broken relationship! After several months of online flirting on Twitter, facebook et al the love birds finally made it official on Valentines day. Announced via billboards placed in major cities all over the world. Congratulations to the two of them. Lets hope it lasts this time round! Related Arti... »

A 50 Year Romance - Barbie and Ken

A 50 Year Romance: Barbie and Ken

It all started in the spring of 1961. Ken Carson was new on the scene and love was in the air… One of the most iconic and beloved couples of all time, Barbie and Ken are synonymous with EPIC romance. Wherever Barbie happens to be, Ken isn’t far behind. Best known as Barbie doll’s Prince Charming, arm candy and stylish counterpart, Ken is also known as confident, considerate, and of course, the ult... »

Barbie Introduces Basics Denim Collection

Barbie Basics™ Denim Collection Pick a Pair, Rock the Look. The all-American staple in any wardrobe – denim- is going from ordinary to extraordinary with Barbie Basics™.  Taking classic blue jeans to new heights, the Barbie Basics™ Denim Collection includes 12 dolls, including – nine females and for the first time, three male models, which are new to the collection.  Rocking denim in an arra... »

Fun Ken facts

After all the Barbie 50th birthday hoopla last year and well into this, prepare yourself for more of the same for her ‘arm candy’ Ken. In less then 6 months he too will be celebrating the big 5-0 and to celebrate here are some fun Ken facts: His full name is Ken Carson Ken® is named after the son of Mattel founders Ruth and Elliott Handle Ken® is a Pisces — his “official birthday” is M... »

Immortalised on Wikipedia!

I learned today that my most humble blog has been used as a reference on Wikipedia! The relevant article uses a post I made about the Barbie Basic range a while back and is even entered as the number one reference for the article. Cool! The entry is a pretty comprehensive account of those wonderful Barbie Basic Little Black Dress (LBD) dolls and I am only too happy to have been of assistance! You ... »

An exclusive interview with Toy Story 3 star Ken

“Ken is a really passionate and emotional guy and he digs that Barbie is such a formidable woman”— Michael Keaton Disney/Pixar and Mattel Toys have unveiled an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with heartthrob and star of new Toy Story 3 movie Ken. Ahead of his starring turn in the highly anticipated three-quel, which opens in cinemas across the UK on 21 July 2010, Ken talks about his new role... »

World’s Most Expensive Barbie Unveiled!

The pink diamond was especially handpicked for and inspired by Barbie and is a registered tendered stone from the Australian Argyle mine. The 1.00ct square emerald (cut) diamond, notable for its distinctive purplish pink hue, is a rare and unique collector’s item, and it is substantially more valuable than its white diamond equivalent. A style icon such as Barbie commands a rare, unique diamond su... »

A Few Barbie Details

Barbie® has never been married (she just likes to model wedding gowns for her designer friends) Barbie and Ken are currently “friends” (but we hear he wants her back) Barbie has never been pregnant (that was her best friend Midge) Barbie’s “real” measurements are 5 inches (bust), 3 ¼ inches (waist), 5 3/16 inches (hips). Her weight is 7 ¼ ounces There actually is no such thing as Caribou Barbie…BU... »

Barbie is on the up!

According to their latest released figures Mattel are reporting that sales figures for Barbie were on the rise after more than 2 years in decline with sales up by 5% worldwide. Pretty good going for an old broad who celebrated her 51st birthday this March. Although I do have a sneaky suspicion that the fact that Bratz have been obliterated from toy store shelves due to the lengthy and expensive co... »