The LBD Barbie style!

I have had my eye on the Barbie Basics range of dolls for a while. I really think they are some of the best dolls released by Mattel for a while. I also love the fact that they can be accessorised to the hilt! Mmm… accessories!! Here is the Mattel blurb: “An icon of subtle sophistication and glamour, the Little Black Dress takes fashion to new extremes with the new Barbie Basics™ doll ... »

“Mad Men” and Barbie join forces to launch exclusive doll collection

The “Mad Men” Barbie Collector doll collection embodies the “Mad Men” series’ couture fashions and accessories, and its iconic 1960s style and aesthetic. The series, which is produced by Lionsgate and airs on AMC, has made history with its multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Awards by chronicling the lives of the men and women of Madison Avenue advertising in the 1960s. Season four of “Mad Men” premier... »

A Report From Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010: Part 1

A Report From Paris Fashion Doll Festival, 2010: Part 1

Well dear reader, as I am now safely back in the UK I thought I ought to put fingers to keyboard and write a review of my first Fashion Doll Convention. So here we have part 1. The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 took place at the Novotel Paris Est at the end of the Metro Line 3 in Bagnolet. Which is somewhere you wouldn’t normally find yourself for a weekend in Paris I shouldn’t think. Unless of... »

Barbie is a geek!

For the first time ever, Barbie® asked the world to help her select her next career. Over the past few months Barbie® did research around the world and also conducted an online voting campaign, calling upon the world to vote for her next career — Barbie® has asked her Twitter followers and fans on Facebook to help her with this important career decision. The polls closed on February 10th and over ... »

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 Update

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 Update

The Paris Doll Expo site has been updated with an itinerary of the weekend’s events. Needless to say I am getting most excited at the prospect of the Superfrock “Disco 3000” event on Friday evening. Especially to see what the exclusive doll will be, given that the theme of the festival is “Haute Couture of the Future”. Charles and Desmond are bound to have a field day... »

Mattel Ladies of the 80’s Dolls

I received a wee notelett through my electronic mailbox yesterday from those lovely folks at Mattel showing off the latest additions to their pop culture range of dolls “Ladies of the 80’s”. There are three dolls in all representing key female singers of the 80’s; Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry and Joan Jett. Madonna is conspicuous by her absence and it could be argued that Har... »

Interesting history of Barbie clip History of The Barbie Doll »

1959 Barbie commercial

To celebrate Barbie‘s 50th birthday here we have her very first appearence in a commercial. They sure don’t make them like this anymore! »

Barbie hits the big 5-0!

Barbie first hit the doll scene way back in 1959 making her exactly 50 years old on March 9th. Whether you love her or hate her (whilst still secretly loving her!) there’s no denying that without Barbie’s introduction to the market by Mattel there wouldn’t be the amazing array of fashion dolls we have today particularly those aimed at the adult market. Or perhaps we would have mo... »