become a doll collector - why paying with dolls is good for you

Playing With Dolls is Good for You

When I first embarked on my fashion doll journey, sometime back in the late 1990’s, collecting dolls was rather straightforward; you collected them, and you either unboxed your dolls, or you didn’t. That was about it. At least that was all that anyone at the time was prepared to admit to. Maybe that was because we didn’t have Facebook and the permission to share it now gives us! Since the ad... »

#PFDF2015 Coverage With

Well dear reader, the time has come for this year’s Paris Fashion Doll Festival – set to kick off tomorrow at Novotel (or NovoHell as some would have it!) with the Superdoll Cocktail event. After the recent hullabaloo over the recent #vinlydebut this is set to be an historic event, not to mention doll. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Cabaret’ and all the fun that t... »

Kingdom Doll at PFDF 2015

Kingdon Doll, the 16″ Resin Fashion doll brand and recent #DOFDAs Winner, will be at the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in March. This is the first time they will be there and to mark the occasion they will be bringing with them a new girl, Dauphine. She is the same sculpt as Chaucer and will be a limited edition of 25. She will only be fully revealed at the Paris salesroom table. There will al... »

Gone in 60 Seconds

Well perhaps it wasn’t quite 60 seconds but it certainly wasn’t very long after 6PM GMT yesterday when the 75 Solitaire dolls went up on the Superdoll site that she sold out, leaving several eager collectors with empty shopping baskets and refunds. Here some gorgeous pics from the site: Here is the description which accompanied her: “After years in development we are delight... »

Solitaire on Sale TOMORROW!

Superdoll just unleashed a video reveal of their latest Sybarite creation, Solitaire, who sports the new Generation_X body and Venus_1000 sculpt. Not only is the video a stunning creation the doll herself is AMAZING! A beautiful edgy blonde bombshell with one bitching purse, all in all classic Superdoll! If you don’t believe me check out the video below. Oh and she goes on sale tomorrow at 6... »

Here She is: The Sybarites’ #vinyldebut

This was what was posted on the Superdoll Instagram page over the weekend. There was a series of pictures which when viewed as a whole revealed the very first incarnation of the vinyl version of the Sybarite. So what do you think? Let me know in the comments section below. Source: New feed »

money saving tips for doll collectors

6 Money Saving Tips for Doll Collectors

For my first post of 2015, I thought it might be useful to give some money saving tips given that most of us will be pretty broke post festive season. Also given these cash-strapped times – and with the seemingly endless bleak economic outlook – it is perhaps timely that we take a look at ways to help us doll collectors save our hard earned pennies.  After all, even when we are economi... »