DollObservers Community Roadmap


We have added a ton of features and social tools to DollObservers since we came online in 2010 and most of them have come straight out of the blue! In order to keep our valued members informed of upcoming updates and new features we have instigated this 'Community Roadmap' so that we can all see where we are going in 2012 and beyond...

If you have any thoughts on how we should go forward please be sure to get in touch and spill the beans!

Thanks for your continued feedback and support for!

Simon Farnworth
Owner & Community Manager

Last update: 21st January 2012

Coming Soon! 


We polled members sometime back about whether they wanted a chat feature added to the site and a resounding 75% of those canvassed said yes So it is with great excitement that i can announce that this feature will be added in the next few weeks. The Chat Room will feature a list of who's online in the room, a counter in the bar that displays the number of people in chat and Instant Messaging just to name a few of the features.

VIP Lounge

Eagle eyed members will have noticed a new group: 'VIP Lounge'. This exclusive group is currently been open to members who had chosen to donate to the site. However it will soon be open to all members to join, for a moderate monthly, yearly or lifetime fee. In return members will be able to enjoy access to exclusive content, money off coupons, special offers and more!


This is where we will feature all the additions and features to the site that have been completed

This roadmap is for informational purposes only—it should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of Time frames, projects and other product features are subject to change at any time without notice as our development proceeds.