Fashion Doll Photos


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  • i see, organised by geography! me likes! haha and I spot a yue-sai up there, I have her too! not that very style tho.
  • I love the way you have them grouped, such lovely color and texture.
  • Do you have them covered with some sort of plastic? I've got pre ordered a book case with glass doors in order to display my dolls there, so they won't get dusty.
    • ha! yes! plastic! - I have used heavy-weight clear vinyl shower curtain attached to bookcases with velcro strips because I can not afford the display cases with the glass. - not very attractive, but it serves its purpose, and the velcro allows easy access so that I can make additions & adjustments as needed - yes! - must protect the dolls from the dust! - vey bad for dolls & little items...
    • Mine is very cheap, that's why I'm buying it. Do you have Ikea in your country? Sometimes they have bookcases at a good price
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