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Behind the camera

This is what really looks behind the camera. No photoshop, just proper lighting and props to bring the background to the the front of the setting. 

Here's the link for the turorial if you want to try this technique:

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  • ahh~ there are props involved! the added realism really tricks the eye. Bravo!!
  • Excellent Isabel! Did you use a laptop or desktop for this one??
    • Hi dear, I'm using my desktop monitor, but just as I mentioned in the tutorial, I use magazines or books to raise the setting in order to avoid the lower edge of the monitor. Thanks for the nice comments girl. Hope you're feeling better. BMK (Big Mexican Kisses).
  • Wow!That's awesome!Will have to try!Thanks so much Isabel! :-D
    • Thank you David, but I warn you... once you start you can't stop, hehehe!! The options are endless and your head gets wild with ideas!! Have fun and share your experience with us. BMK (Big Mexican Kisses)
  • Great Isabel! I was sure you have a big monitor, instead yours is like mine!
    I'm using very often your techinque, thank you very much!
    • I'm so happy to know you liked it and most of all that it has been helpful to you. Thanks for all your nice comments Sara Tiz.
  • ingenious!
    • Thanks Viktor, You really must used all your creativity when you can't go outside for a photo shooting.
  • You're right FDS, just like in the good old days when nothing was digital.
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