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The family matriarch handing out advice.

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  • Yes.If you do HDF it will give you the regular and the High Definition.Keep practicing and playing around.It took me a bit but now I love my IPHONE pics. Its all I use.
  • High definition should give you a copy of both if you set it to do that.I usually always use a flash inside.
    • I was wondering why i was getting 2 photos every time! I'll study them to see the difference now. Thanks so much.
  • I use an Iphone.Try using a flash or see if its set to HDF(High Definition)
    • I usually have it set to High def. Is that what i should be doing? Also, I only put it on auto flash. I think I'll experiment with the flash more then. Thanks for these tips!
  • I think you did great!!
    • My problem seems to be that they're often grainy. I don't know if it's because I use the IPhone or not.
  • This doll is absolutely stunning!!
    • Thanks for such nice compliments on the dolls. I really do need some photography lessons so I can do them justice.
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