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Based on all of the awards that she received for her outstanding design work at Von Weiss International, Giselle Diefendorf is no fashion fool. Au contraire, she knows a good money making trend when she sees one and everyone knows that. That is, everyone except her sister Agnes. Giselle still dreams about the day that her ever secretive Baroness of a sister will let her in on her shady plans. Until that day comes, Giselle does everything that she can to make her sister's company (and herself in the process) shine at any given time. As she demonstrates, Giselle knows how to dress the part when the time comes to sit-in for her sister at a board meeting and quickly change to go party with the rest of the shark tank with just the right amount of glitz and sophistication. Giselle is a 12" fully articulated vinyl fashion doll with rooted hair, hand applied eyelashes, fashions, jewelry, accessories and shoes. She comes with a doll stand and certificate of authenticity.
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