Fashion Doll Photos


The artist, Joey Versaw, adds cute touches with little hearts on her breasts and lower tummy and a silver cross.  A unique doll

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  • I ordered on Etsy from the artist, Joey Versaw. He creates them on a 3D printer and hand paints the dolls. I've been researching getting a 3D printer. They are getting less expensive, but still complicated to create the files to print custom objects. He does create the wigs on the printer too.
  • Did you print her out? Did you have to put her together? And, are those wigs you print out, as well, for her? 3D printing is magic to me; I don't understand it at all. Amazing doll!
  • Valerie! - you have got quite an extensive doll collection comprised of such a wide variety of different dolls & clothing!
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