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Madame Alexander frankendollie

Madame Alexander Sienna Evan's head on a Tonner Deja Vu body.  She's wearing Gene's Crème de Cassis outfit.  First pic with new camera.... learning!

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  • yes, Tilly! They are really impressive - and your photography is excellent!
    • Thank you so much... I'm having fun and spending my children's inheritance! hahahahahaha
  • Tilly, I love your "Frankendollies." You've done such a great job at matching up the heads and bodies.
    • Thank you... I bought all the dolls on the secondary market and while it's a bit expensive to custom match a favorite doll head with a desirable doll body, I end up with a great doll... well, I think so at least and I'm so attached after all the effort... guess, you could say it's a bonding process! hahahhahahaha
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