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Thank you Nilsa

Thanks to my friend Nilsa all these pretty girls are now home with me. 

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  • They are all adorable Isabel. You are more than welcome. Any time.
    Love them all. Hugs.
  • Love this shot.
    • Thanks, FDS, I'm so happy I have all these pretty girls with me. Getting these dolls in my country is almost impossible, so I have to send them to an address in the States. Nilsa fosters them in her house until I'm able to collect them and bring them down to México. This time one of my sisters visited San Antonio and Nilsa was really kind to take them to the hotel my sister was staying in. Then my sister took them to México City and finally I had to drive about 5 hrs. from Veracruz, where I live, and 5 hrs back to finally have them here. They've surely travelled a long way.
    • I'm glad that they made it safe and sound. Enjoy them :)
    • Oh my, Isabel. I had no idea. And to think, i complain about not having a physical store to buy dolls. In the States we take so much for granted. But since I'm in between US & France, I do know that dolls are quite expensive abroad. Well I can well understand why you are so passionate about your girls. They've traveled a long way to be with you!!!
    • So you have an idea, some time ago someone was selling a Fashion Royalty Echelon doll in México for $345.00 and it was not even a new one. I do cherish each and everyone of them. It took me months to decide on starting any make-up enhacement or hair re-style because of the fear of ruining them.
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