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Hi All,


I was just wondering what everyone felt about the size of fashions dolls. Historically (since Barbie anyways) the 11" scale has prodominated the fashion doll market and has seen off many a larger competition (Darci anyone?).


However in recent years the 16" size doll has come to prominance, especially in the adult collector market. So what is your view on doll size? Does size really matter? (and no snickering please lol)

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  • Am kind of glad I don't have more room because then I'd want a Super Dollfie with interchangeable wigs & eyeballs!

  • Admin

    I agree about the accessories and furniture etc in the larger scale. Difficult to find and expensive and take up alot of room too hehe. Which is why my next property MUST have an extra room

  • I kind of straddle the fence on this issue.  I design and sew for most of my dolls, and doing so for the larger dolls is so much easier as you  an create more intricate details in their clothing than their smaller counterparts.  HOWEVER:  There are so many more accessories available for the smaller dolls!  Furniture - if you can find it, for the larger dolls is so expensive!

    I have maybe a dozen or so 16 inters - Gene, Tyler, Alex, etc, and a few of the Moxie Teenz dolls (which aren't quite as big).  With over 300 and still counting, 11/12 inchers rule the roost  here!


  • Size matters to me. I prefer the 1-13" figures - including Darci, Jem friends, FR. I find this size large enough to see and to enjoy but not too large.

    I have a few bigger dolls from my childhood - Harmony at 21", Chrissy and Kerry at 18", Mias at around 15" and two baby dolls 12-15" - not sure about their size. Those dolls have sentimental value, but my real interest and enthusiasm is for my playscale figures.

    Usually, I ignore the larger dolls because I don't have the time to spend on them and I'd rather spend my doll time with my favorites. I agree many of them are lovely, but they aren't for me.

    Thanks for asking.

  • I'd love an Avant Guards doll, but don't have enough room for one with all the accoutrements. Because it wouldn't be just a doll and a few shoes.  ;> Girlfriend would need to dress up and have options! Plus have some chic furniture and a few friends over. My 11" dolls have already claimed their turf and don't want to move. :)  

  • My preference is for 16" (and above) dolls, but they cost more and require more display/storage space than 11" dolls; this means that my 16" collection is smaller than my 11" collection.  16" dolls are easier to sew and design for and their larger size makes face-ups less stressful.  Props for the larger size dolls are harder to come by, and this limits my ability to create the dioramas that I would like to.

    So, for me, size matters!  I love my 11" dolls, but I want to sew for, display and photograph (and own ) more 16" dolls than I currently do now. 

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