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  • I didnt get it, are all accessories which are shown hand made?
    • Hi!

      The furniture, jewelry and clothes are handmade. The furniture is made by my bussiness partner, professional carpenter - Rogelio and the jewelry and clothes are made by me (some clothes was made by Veronica Morales or BestArte, you can see the division by designer in the clothe´s section.


      The accessories I used for dioramas are hand made or bought. I use a lot of Re-ment accessories or Gloria sets. But that type of accessories we dont offer to sell in our website. Is possible to buy them in ebay.  In the case of the shoes I have some pairs handmade by Racsso or Blacksvetlus (mexican and czech doll artist)...


      Do you think about any speciall accessories?

    • Admin
      I was just checking out these links too. The furniture at Plaza Mildendo is stunning!
    • Thank you Simon! Yes, Rogelio is really great artist :D! and great person! I will say him about your comment :D.
  • Hi... I love accesories too... furniture, food, tablewere... all for make dioramas. BUT I have the same problem like Simon... I have no space :( so I can to have at home only the furnitures made for Plaza Mildendo clientes before their shipping :D. I really love make the dioramas for our web page... Its the job of my dream :DDD

    our furniture - here you can see some dioramas:

    oh... if you are interested in any furniture is possible to send me the photo and I will ask to our artisan if is possible to make it in little scale and the price... Our carpenter is really fantastic and very talented. Usually the doll furniture (not playline) is very expensive... i thing our prices are very decent :D

    Do you know this page:
    is web of one of my czech friend... she and her mum make the dioramas - click on the picture for to open the gallery of the diorama
    This is the best web page with dioramas for 16´inch dolls that I know!!!
  • Admin
    Oh I love accessories, the more the merrier! The issue I have had since moving more towards 16" dolls is finding stuff in their scale which isn't +++expensive. I really wanted the superdoll discobum (see below) but is was expensive and when I finally had the courage to buy it it sold out :((. I am waiting for some sybarite champagne glasses, champagne bottle and tray which were given out at a recent event in the UK so I am excited about that. I would love a permanent diorama like Lilly but like you Mary Beth I don't have the room. Next home we have HAS to have a doll room!

    • Oh, that is SO Glam Rock! You need a Ziggy Stardust doll for that thing.
    • Admin
      LOL yes that's very true ;)
  • My favorite accessories are my piano and violin. But a mic stand would be cool, and a golden palomino horse, a sheep dog, and a black scottish terrier. I would also like a living room set and canopy bed with silver crushed velvet bedclothes. I have no idea where I'd keep this stuff, but I'd like to have it, anyway!
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