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Hello! Fellow doll Lovers!My name is Kevin, and.....I'm a doll-a-holic, (in unison..) Hi Kevin! LoL and a great big "Hi!" Back at ya!This wild and crazy ride of doll collecting started as a wee lad. I use to wait for my older sister to go to school so I could run to her room and grab her Chatty Cathy doll. My first Love. This fabulous doll along with both sisters bubble cut Barbies.Fast forward to my adult years, I started off collecting Mattel talking dolls from the 1960's. I have most of the ones I wanted, but a few still escape me.Barbie was also a huge Love. Many vintage which later led to reproductions and Silkstones. After that, I bought my first Fashion Royalty doll. Love at first sight. Once I had one of these dolls in hand, I was instantly hooked! The articulation and fine craftsmanship amazed me! Oops...forgot to add...ideal Patty Playpal dolls. These dolls are freakin' huge! But I love them. They are the same size as a 3 year old child. Believe it or not...I have seven! Which way more than enough considering their size. I also consider of Art.Anyway...that's my (somewhat) condensed version of my doll collecting hobby.For's pretty much Integrity Fashion Royalty dolls only.Besides my current collecting...I am working on downsizing! Not an easy task for someone who has been a doll collector for over 20 years now. But truth be told, Papa needs a room for his shoes.I'm so happy to have found this Wonderful site! (Thanks Deb!)I look forward to getting to know you all and share your passion.Peace out,Kevin

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  • Hello Kevin, welcome to the board!
  • Hey Kevin! Good to see you here too!


  • HI Kev!

    So nice to see a familiar face here. I just joined too. :)

  • Groups Admin

    At the risk of hi-jacking your first thread, Kevin...

    *waves wildly at her Sister-Deb* 

  • Good Morning back at ya! 

    Patti Playpal was an interesting doll. She was only produced for a year or so. I think 1959 to possibly 1961. I have some pics of the ones here that aren't in storage. Many toy companies tried to copy this popular doll, but didn't succeed very well. Besides Mattel, the little girl, baby dolls made by Ideal were so well done! Patti ended up with a whole family once she took off. A rare and coveted older brother (who was the size of a 4 year old child) named Peter Playpal and baby sisters etc. And yes, I have those too! Good Lord, my boyfriend says if they were all displayed it would remind him of the horror movie 'Children of the Corn'. But they don't look mean at all. Very serene and angelic actually. 

    I don't have any Barbie 'talkers'. I have the Chatty Cathy family. Chatty Cathy was the first pull string doll ever produced and she also took off like wild fire. In her family was one particular doll that was very interesting named "Charmin' Chatty'. A taller girl with glasses and a sailor suit. She actually had a place on her side where you inserted tiny records. Once the records were inserted, you pulled her magic talking ring and she repeated the record. It was genius! And YES! LoL I have one of her too. And yes, again, she still talks!

    Ok, I"m rambling. Oh geez, I could go on and on when it comes to dolls! 

    All for now,


    Deb Buckner said:

    Good Morning my dear friend! Patty Playpal dolls...those sound so cool. Not sure how I missed those as a kiddo, it must have been one of those aisles my Mom wiskedddd me by very quickly so I wouldn't see.  The same size as a 3 yr. old child...she knew I would have been begging for one of those. I used to ask for a sibling SO bad! LOL Patty Playpal would have been a nice alternative he he he.

    We also both share a love for those talkers too. I had no idea. I have talking Barbie and Stacey but have been on a hunt for Christie for years. You lucky duck!

    Hope you had a great night. SO great to talk to you yesterday! Hugs and love, Deb

  • Thanks Nilsa and Deb for the warm welcome!

  • Simon Farnworth said:
    Hi Kevin thanks for such a lovely introduction! Your collection sounds amazing. I didn't realise how huge the Patty Playpal dolls were. I don't think we had them in the UK. I can imagine ow tricky they must be to house :)

    Much thanks Simon!
    Yes, the Playpal dolls are tricky. I only have 2 displayed at the moment. The rest are in storage.
  • Groups Admin

    Nice to meetcha, Kevin! 

  • hi Kevin!!  Welcome aboard!!



  • Admin
    Hi Kevin thanks for such a lovely introduction! Your collection sounds amazing. I didn't realise how huge the Patty Playpal dolls were. I don't think we had them in the UK. I can imagine ow tricky they must be to house :)
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