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Haute Doll Magazine are looking for members of the site who have a penchant for styling their fashion doll's hair. I know there are lots of you out there! They also want to see how this can be translated into a tutorial with photography.

Can you rise to the challenge? If so please use the contact button up on top to let me know :)

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  • Please someone do this! I'd love to learn some restyling!

  • I have done some hair restyling but certainly not an expert who could do a tutorial. Happy to share some photos if you like though.

    • Most of the restyling i have done is for cuts and short hair.

  • Wish I could do something with hair. Not my strong skill.

  • I wish I could help Simon, but my hair styling is not that good. Hope you find the right one for this challenge. Greetings dear!

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