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December theme, news and more...

Dear Doll Observer,

Firstly apologies for my lack of updates and time on the site recently but between work commitments and recent family visitors my doll time has been severely restricted :(. Hopefully this will be improving soon!

Anyhoo there are quite a few things to get you up to speed with... 
  • Firstly we have had a surge of new members in the last month. A very warm welcome to all of you and I hope you are having fun on the site. To all our existing members please be sure to stop by new members pages and say hello and welcome :)
  • The theme of the month for December, by popular demand, is Christmas! So be sure to deck your dolls out in their festive finest and get snapping and uploading! 
  • Themes are now organised differently to make it easier for everyone to take part and to keep track of all the theme related activities. So now there is a Theme of the Month Group. Be sure to join the group to  keep in the loop!
  • I'm please to announce that the top of October Theme: Halloween photo, as voted by our members, is Lilly with her pic "A dark and stormy night...". Well done Lilly! I will be in touch about your gift shop goodie!
  • Several new groups have been added by members. Mark has added a Wilde Imaginations Fan group as well as one dedicated to Wonder Woman Dolls. Just check those satin tights :). Tropical Thought had a fabulous idea with the group Name That Doll which is where people can post photos of dolls they want to be Identified. The group has already seen lots of action and debate!
Well until next time take care and stay warm!

Dolly hugs,
Simon XX
Network Creator

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