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  • I hear them playing school with them right now!
  • Kelly dolls are a lot of fun. Your daughter will have fun!!

  • Love them! My daughter just got into the Kelly dolls, after she found a lot of them at the thrift store!
  • Hi Valerie ! Thanks for the comment.
    When I got the mini dolls, I was in Okinawa
    -Japan and was able to get the whole collection by then.
    I was told that the dollar stores had some similar but by the time I came back to the US, they were gone.
    I did found a set on with similar dolls and I ordered it.

    Back to the DOTW, yes too bad they repeat the same countries all over and over again.

    I sort of like the Moroccan new fashion, it's the second time they make Morocco but at least the fashion is different. Canada, they are just repeating the Mounted Police uniform!

    Take care,
  • That is an adorable series of photos, Nilsa! Thanks for completing and posting them!

    I have just 3 of those mini dolls, that was all I could find at the local Daiso store, then they stopped selling them. I got the Chinese and African ones just like yours, and the third is called "Arabian," one that Mattel has probably never made, although they do have a new Morroccan one. I agree it's a shame the newer DTOW seem to be too many repeats of the same countries (how many times can they do Ireland?)

  • No way... I will cry when someone comes and buys my dollies!!

    Deb said:

    Yay! Dolly Day!!    Sounds like between us we could start our own store.  

  • Thanks Yaz'mine !
  • Hmmm. I forgot that I have a lot of pictures pending for this discussion .

    Have a nice day,
  • Groups Admin

    Yay! Dolly Day!!    Sounds like between us we could start our own store.  

  • Oh imagine if we have doll day together!!

    Yes, I'm sad how the line is going down. I know it was a playline concept but now days, their status is more of a "collector" and I was expecting the modern ones to be a little over the "playline" concept but they are using the velcro on them, adding those little pets and repeating the countries over and over. I wanted the Brazil, probably the last one I'm willing to buy at full price so I'm not sure if I use my reward on Barbie Collector to buy her.

    Back to DOTW, I have all the old ones , except for the exclusive Europeans editions  that I heard of- Also have the Princess of the World, and some of the Festivals of the World- not sure which ones I'm missing if any.

    Bye for now,


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