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Hello everyone!

I've joined Doll Observer a few month ago and now it's time to introduce myself. Wow, there is so much to see and to learn how everything on the board works, what a great community!

My name is Kathrin (or short Kathi) Stareprawo also known as Frau E. (the "E" comes from my formerly surname Eseryel, but I'm married now*g*), I'm from Germany. 

I love sewing my own style fashion doll clothes, you can see my work on my website or an my Flickr account

I've started almost 10 years ago with collecting Barbie dolls from the flea market, but over the years I came to the Integrity dolls and now I'm a huge fan of Fashion Royalty doll.

I do unpack all my dolls, because I love to play with them.



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  • Hallo Kathi :o)  Nice to meet you. I am a fan of yours. I love your work.  I just joined Doll Observers  last week. I love learning and sharing with others who enjoy their dolls as much as I do.  I  also debox my dolls. I really enjoy them and like to use them all as my models for my fashions and I enjoy playing with them too! 

  • Thank you very much for the welcome and the kind words about my website.



  • your fashions are beautiful Kathi!!


  • great website kathi!!!! i adore you work!

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