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Forgot to introduce myself! Hello from the Netherlands

Hey everyone, I'm Evelien from the Netherlands, I'll be 28 in May. I've always been a fan of 6" articulated Pamela Love dolls by Simba, sold for almost nothing in the nineties. I'm pretty sure I still bought them when I was around 17 or 18 and every girl around me had quit playing with dolls. I now realize at some point I didn't buy them to play with anymore, I bought them because I liked looking at them. Still, at some point I decided liking dolls at my age was childish and I put them away in a box.


Last year, exactly one year ago (Feb 1st 2010) I got permission from Simba to start my own website at I had just decided that collecting dolls wasn't childish and I'd dug up my old collection (I'm still looking for a big bag of clothing and shoes unfortunately, all I found were nude dolls, my parents must still have it somewhere in their attic). I also started rerooting old dolls and buying dolls still in their boxes on eBay. I still find it amazing that so many NRFB Pams exist. I've noticed I'm not the only fan though, I've lost quite a few auctions on international eBay. Hey, I'm just a poor college student :P. A few weeks ago I was lucky to find 3 boxed Pams on a Portuguese website, kind of like eBay.They must have escaped the other fans' attention because of that, because my bid was the first and last and I won! :D


Long story short, I love my Pams and I love talking about doll stuff on, cause unfortunately not many irl understand my 'childish' and 'obsessive' (their words) hobby.

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  • Admin

    Hi Evelien,

    Thanks for sharing your story! It's great to here that you are enjoying the site and that it is a refuge from the non doll loving world outside ;)) It's great to have you here and I am enjoying learning about the little Pamela Love!

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