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Greetings From Wisconsin


My name is Amanda, and I've stumbled upon this website from your Flickr group. I am a 31 year old bookseller from Wisconsin.

As a child, I always wanted the assorted accessories that they made for Barbie-- and as an adult I can afford them! I enjoyed seeing pictures of BJDs on websites like Flickr or YahooGroups, but never could afford one of my own. When I found out that they were going to make an articulated doll that was much more in my price range, I jumped for it and bought a first wave Katie from the Liv dolls line. She became Tilia, and has been a companion ever since. My Liv doll family has grown to six. Their wardrobe, mostly bought at thrift stores, is growing! I've recently become slightly obsessed the Monster High doll line as well.

My favorite thing to do with my dolls is to photograph them. I have a Flickr account that I upload my pictures to. They share the spotlight with my bear, Marlowe. He has his own blog. The dolls make frequent appearances there as well.

I also enjoy reading, playing on the internet, and taking pictures of other things, especially my old English bulldog, Princess.

I hope you all have a great day! I hope to talk to you all later!

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              Nice to meet you Amanda! I was intrigued by the title -- Greetings From Wisconsin, since I live in Wisconsin! But unfortunately, not near Appleton.....

    • Well, compared to some  people who are from the other side of the ocean, we're practically neighbors!
This reply was deleted.

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