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Hi Y'all,

The February issue of Haute Doll has just come out (electronically anyway) and it is amazing! Great news about a new line of Integrity Toys 16" dolls, gorgeous Sybarite pics and lots of other goodies including an amazing Horsman Ltd chair for 16" dolls!

Also I did a little piece about the news about Robert Tonner's remake of the Sindy doll featuring a pic by member Melanie Jane!

If you haven't already be sure to subscribe to Haute Doll Magazine!!

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  • Thanks Pauline, very exciting...can't wait to get a copy and read all the articles.

    Simon Farnworth said:

    Thanks Pauline! Yay, go DollObservers!!
  • Admin
    Thanks Pauline! Yay, go DollObservers!!
  • Simon, Dollobserver members were well represented in this issue, Frances Weir and I both competed in the Jamieshow convention design competition through the Couture Doll Shops that was covered in this issue too!

  • Admin
    Thank you Lilly :)

    Look forward to seeing your creation! :)
  • Admin

    love your article Simon, I didn't know about Sindy much I should admit, but she is pretty cute :)

    I love the pattern offered in this  Feb 2013 issue a sweater dress! for Lilly !!yummy it will be in Sew Much fun very soon!


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