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I'm Nadine and I am new here.
I am 24 and a full time Photographer from the EU, Netherlands.
Besides photography I do graphic design, Illustration and fine art for a living.
[so when ever it isn't wedding season]

I am here to find a hobby,
as my job is what most people do for hobby.
My specific interest is repainting/customizing.

I am planning on heading to the store this week to get some simple basic barbies,
or other vinyl dolls, to practice on.

I have decided to start a little tumblr blog,
there isn't anything on it right now but maybe some people are curious~

I hope to share some repaint concepts with you soon <3

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  • Thank you for the comments,

    I hope I have the time to keep updates on this forum tho. :3

  • Hi Nadine! Welcome.  I have followed your tumbler.  Good luck and I hope to see some interesting repaints from you.



  • Admin

    Dear Nadine,

    Thanks for taking the time to say "hello"! Lovely to hear that you are exploring fashion dolls as a hobby. I love the illustrations on your blog and look forward to seeing your creations 

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