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After several encouragements for new doll observers to say hello in the new members forum I realized that I hadn’t actually done so myself. So I thought I had better get the ball rolling!

Well my name is Simon and I originally come from the north of England. I now live in a lovely part of North Surrey by the River Thames after many years living in London. Where I live now is just far enough away from London that I can feel like a country boy but still close enough to enjoy the city life when I choose to! I am a trained nurse and I am currently training to be a hypnotherapist. 

I have always been a child at heart and never stopped loving toys whether it was collecting Star Wars figures or recapturing the Action Man collection I had as a child (GI Joe for our US friends).  I have a fascination for miniatures and if I was talented in that direction would love to make my own to use in with my dolls.

I started collecting dolls a few years ago as they capture my love for a miniature world and also marry with my love of photography. Discovering Ebay in the late 90s led to the vintage Sindy I knew from my youth to the newer Barbie collector dolls and then to dolls such as Blythe, Tyler, Gene and finally to Sybarites… supermodels of fine quality indeed!

As well as a modest collection I love to learn about dolls and see what others are creating with their collections so started my blog dedicated to my interest and also this network in order to meet and bring other fashion doll lovers together. 

Warm regards,


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  • Thanks Simon for giving some backround on who you are and what kind of dolls you enjoy!
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