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Hello everybody :)
Happy to discover this funny place :)
I'm in love with social networks so when I saw there was also one for dolls, I ran and joined :)

I'm Loulou, a french doll collector living in middle-east because it's there that my husband works as archeologycal teacher at university. So here I can't work anymore as I used to do with children, uses are diferents, and it gives me more free time to take care my dolls, try learning to sew or learning making cardboards furnitures for the little girls of even for our own home :) (I have a blog about my cardboads tests here:

So I began to love dolls as a child notifying they did not all have same mold face and style and so on, i was in love with barbie, barbie barbiiiiiiieeee :)
And it was terrible because in France, not all face molds were distributed in toy shops, for exemple, a black barbie was a terrible hard to find :(( So the day I found one in vacancies in switerzerland, it was as the greatest event of my life lol, I was 13 :)

With time my parents decided I was too old to play dolls, and offered my toys to others youngers children, but with my first extra jobs as I bought again some barbie of the world because they were a little deferent the one from the others :)

After that I stopped for lack of monney and time ...

And then some years ago when I arrived in Lebanon and had so much free time, I discovered the my scene, and as a manga / anime fan I loved their big heads and collected them (also for their pmore mature clothes - at the beginning - and their great playsets, because I love playsets :)

After that I discovered doll communities on the web and many pictures,
so I discovered the barbie generation girl collection with various styles and facemolds and a big sweet school playset (that I have not yet lol) and collected them and their rooms :)

And after that the fashion fever and benetton barbie, with also various face molds (love the black barbie with blond hair of benetton :)

and then... Mattel changed Barbie body and I felt something was broken :((

But don't worry for me lol

At the same time I discovered thanks to the internet others sweet 11 inch dolls, with so beautifull various faces :)
So I have some of Jason Wu and two Momoko dolls :)

I would have collected more if one day at the Paris fashion doll festival, I didn't cross the eyes of Ellowyne Now what and felt in love with her :)

Since that, I only collect Ellowyne dolls and others of her friends with same body but other facemolds if possible :) (my pictures on my Loulou Chocolat Flickr)

And also thanks to her, I began trying sewing as she's a real great muse for me and for many others :)

I also began to build a house for her and her family who lives with me with cardboard :)

That's all :)

Now I present my dolls often on my doll blog
and animate the french board I created about her :)

I'm happy with my Husband, my two cats, my dolls, my home sweet home and my friends :)

So here I am happy to meet others doll collectors :)

Kisses :)

Loulou :)

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  • Admin
    Hi Loulou,

    Thanks for sharing your story and saying hello :)

    I would love to own the Generation Girl school too but shipping is always so expensive when I see one on ebay as usually in the US :((
    • oh I didn't gave attention to your location,
      yes i imagine you have the same problem from UK
      the school set is not so expensive, but how horrible are the shipping fees :((
      One day perhaps...
      of I will make a cardboard one ;)
      But for the moment, I miss place in my doll room for my 11 inche dolls so that is not so terrible to miss the school when I don't know where I could install it ;)
      Thanks for your sweet answer :)
      Kisses :)
      Loulou :)
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