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Hello from New Zealand!

Hello fellow doll lovers,


I'm an American girl who moved to New Zealand five years ago. I've been collecting Barbie's for about ten years now and have over 160 dolls...and counting... in my collection.  I had my dolls set up all over the house for a while, but my husband recently put up shelves in our spare room where I now have my entire collection on display. 

It's really great to have a place where I can chat with other doll lovers like myself.  Sometimes, when people learn I collect Barbie's, they look at me like I'm crazy. I suppose they think collecting stamps would be more fun???!!!




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  • I hear ya! You should've seen the looks I got when I had the chutzpah to bring my favorite Mermaid to the Y!
  • Hi Tawna! I am new to Doll Observers too and haven't had much of a chance to say hi to everyone! I know what you mean about raised eyebrows! I was recently in my local Walmart as they had some basic black dress Barbie's there (fun and reasonable) and I was putting a few into my cart. A woman who works there that I met an my son's school, asked who I was shopping for? I told her it was for me and she just looked at me and said "That's weird". And she was dead serious! No smile or nudge nudge wink wink! But I have had the other end of the spectrum too where, another Mother of my son's friend, came running across the store when she saw me and said that 'Your the doll lady" and told me how great she thought it was and told me that she still had all her Barbies from the '70's and thought she was being silly. I told her that I thought it was great and she would be surprised at how many people love vintage Barbie! (She also had put aside some On location dolls for me, in case I came in that she had stashed in the back!) My son shows all his friends my doll room, they screech but they come in and they are "wow, whoa!" He even put it on You Tube! I am lucky too as my husband and son think it's great, but most of the people in my small town think I' m crazy...but I don't care! lol The only thing I wish was there was a local doll club here, that would be that is why I decided to join an online I can talk to others like me! Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  • I think a lot of doll collectors have the experience of the "raised eyebrows" when they mention their collections.
    Who care's what they think... the dolls bring us joy and can that be a bad thing? I have all my dolls from when I was a young girl and started collecting Barbie's when my niece was born in '84. I have acquired most of my collection through eBay and through friends. The availability in our stores (Walmart and ToysRUs) very short on collectables.
    • Admin
      It's a shame people don't get the adult doll collector and the modern adult collectable doll market. It can be even worse as a male collector let me tell you!
    • I understand, Simon. But it's wonderful to get a man's point of view. I'm very happy to be a part of Doll Observers.
  • No doll stores that I've ever come across. Occasionally, the department store, Farmer's, will have collectible Barbie's; also K-mart and Toyworld, but the majority of my collection was acquired through eBay, TradeMe and the Barbie Collector website. :)
  • Not very many, actually....maybe about a dozen or so. I've done the bulk of my collecting since moving here.
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      Are there any decent doll stores near you? Or do you mostly shop online. Here in the UK , even London, we are poorly served by actual physical places to buy collectable dolls.
  • Admin
    Wow that's a lot of doll! How many did you have to transport to NZ when you moved??
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