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Hello from Romania

Hello everyone! My name is Ada and I'm a 29 year old Romanian Barbie collector. I own a blog about Barbies and other fashion dolls (esp the ones from the 70's and 80's) and my biggest dream is to manage to organize a doll convention in my country.

I absolutly love the ideea of this site and hope to meet interesting ppl here.


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  • Hi Ada!
    I`ve joined too!! :D
    how divine to meet friends here :D


    • Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :* :* :* So glad to have you here. :D
  • Hi, Ada, and welcome! Romania is a very interesting country, Countess Bathory, "Gypsies", Vlad the Impaler.... did I mention my father is a history teacher?
    • Hei! So glad you heard about my country. :D I love history. My uncle, God Bless Him, was crazy about history also. He knew the Second World War by hours, minutes, places etc.
    • So does my dad! And my grandfather was in the war around the islands in the south pacific, particularly the battle of Tsaipan, Tinian, and even Iwajima. He drove an amphibious machine and dropped off soldiers on the beach and recovered the wounded and dead. Once he was surrounded by Japanese soldiers and fought his way out, barehanded. And he was cute, too!
    • Wow! That's so brave. The only war I have ever seen with my own eyes was the beggining of the Romanian Revolution, in '89, that started in my hometown, Timisoara, and under my window. I remember being very scared as the comunist troops were making a lot of noise as they approaced the revolutionaries...
  • Thank you very much. It will take me some time but I think I have the right connections to do this. :D
  • Admin
    Hi Ada,

    Thanks for the introduction, it's great to have you here. If you manage to get a convention off the ground be sure to share it with us!

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