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Hello from sunny Florida!

Hi everybody!

I'm a new member here and am excited to be a part of the community!  I'm a longtime Barbie lover who has also just discovered the wonderful world of Blythe, and I'm smitten with them too!  I'm fairly new to the online doll community, I had no idea that there was such a large network of people creating works of art for their dolls, and I'm just amazed at the level of skill and detail that goes into some of the pieces that I've seen.  Looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully being a useful contributor myself.  Have a great day all!



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  • Hi Joy.  I see we have a few things in common.  I love Blythe, I'm from Florida and I'm new to the Forum too! XD  I'm up to about 40 Blythe dolls now with a few Clones and Middies too.  Blythe is a slippery slope but a lot of fun.  : )   

  • Hi there!  I'm new, too!  I don't collect Blythe, but do have a few BJD's, Pullips, and a Hujoo!  See you around the board!
  • Welcome Joy! Nice to meet you! :) Your "doll biography" resembles me the one of my own, from wonderful Barbies to hypnotic Blythes!

    Hope you will like it here and become the part of this wonderful DollObservers community :)


    *sunny Florida.... envy envy! My own city embodies the darkest stereotypes about a typical Russian winter now))*

    • Thanks for the welcome Katie!  I'm originally from Buffalo, NY so I know what you mean about those dark, cold winters.  Can't say I miss them :-)
    • I think no one does :)) though the snow is a wonderful "part" of Christmas mood...
  • Admin

    Thanks for the hello Joy, it's great to have you here. Any questions just ask I will be happy to help as I'm sure would anyone else here, we are a friendly bunch :)


    I understand what you mean about Blythe, she is a real fun doll. I sold mine but we she has had quite a bit of attention on here of late and I am pining for her now! I have my eye on a few Ebay items ;)

    • As do I, my friend!  E-bay is a Blythe lovers paradise!  I try to check there only rarely (does 10 times a day count as rarely?) :-)

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