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Hello everybody! I am so excited to join Doll Observers and see the lovely dolly photos here. Well, while I am dolly daft, I am not so much of a doll collector. I do have lots of the old Pedigree Sindy dolls, most of them from when I was little, and what I like to do is sew them outfits. What this usually means is that I have about 20 bare dolls lounging round on the doll stand my dad made, all of them waiting for the next wave of outfits to hit them.

I also buy scruffy old dollies in the charity shops and make them lovely again by doing their hair and restoring them and sewing them new outfits. I sell my rescued dolls at craft fairs and on ebay - most of the dolls I rescue are Barbie, Bratz, Disney Princesses, Steffi Love, Tanya, and the occasional Hasbro Sindy. I recently did up lots of little Kellys - they are so cute! Their clothes are so fiddly to make though - arrggghhhh!

Each season I sew a collection of Sindy and Barbie clothes that I sell in my online Dolly Fashion shop, Xavier and Xenobia. I also put a few OOAK outfits up there too. I like to make my dolly clothes so that they are easy to take on and off, so lots of velcro!

Ooh, I am looking forward to lots of dolly discussions!

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  • Admin

    Thanks for the hello! Great to hear about you dolly rescue efforts, its always sad to see the poor neglected dollies wishing for a new home  Keep up the good work!

  • This is too cool!  You are the first person I have ever met that uses xenobia as an online name.  I have used Xenobia as part of email address for as long as I have had email!

    My real name though is Barbara E!  Welcome to the board.


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