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Hello, I joined yesterday!

Hello to everyone.  I am Diane and I am in Scotland.  I am really excited to have found this site and I am looking forward to finding my way around and joining in!

I started out as a vintage Sindy collector but now I have many different types of dolls, vintage and modern, inlcuding Tyler, Ellowyne, Barbie, Tammy, Fluer and Moxie Teenz.

I also love to knit new outfits for my dolls.


Di :)

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  • Thanks Ada & Simon.  I am so glad I have found this place as I really wanted somewhere to go where I could share my interest in all kinds of dolls with others of like mind!  :)

    Do you still have a Sindy collection Simon?


    Is it 70's & 80's Barbies you collect Ada?


    Di :)

  • Hello and welcome!


    I've started as a Barbie collector and now I'm mostly interested in 80's and 70's dolls. Welcome to the site. >:D<

  • Admin

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks for the hello, it's always great to get to know more about our new members :)

    I, like you started as a vintage Sindy collector back in 1999 after discovering ebay. It is sup rising how our interests soon spread to other dolls. It's one of the reasons I created this site so that doll lovers could discover and appreciate all kinds of dolls.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying he site :)

    Warm regards,


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