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I have been collecting Tonner dolls on the cheap from ebay for almost three years now. I have all four "Narnia" dolls displayed on my bookcase with my complete collection of The Narnia Chronicles. Professor Snape is sneering at my Harry Potter collectors' trunk and Doctor Who is "sonic-ing" my TV. I just bought a nude Anne Hathaway "Agent 99" which I am customizing to look like me, which will only take slight alterations as I already look a lot like her anyway. I would have to say my favorite doll (besides Snape) is 2009 "Poison Ivy" whom I bought nude and renamed Andrea "Andi" Hallett after the late great Andy Hallett who played Lorne on the TV series "Angel". She is a concert violinist, most often accompanied on piano by Elenka Krelnikov. (Magisterium Mrs. Coulter) Her debut album is called "Sonorously Seductive" and it features a photograph of Andrea playing the violin underwater in a billowing green dress. I will post this photograph as soon as I have my underwater zoom camera.

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  • Oh, what I wouldn't give for a Jareth doll.... Hehe, his antics with my self portrait doll would get a bit naughty, I'm afraid! What movie would you most like dolls from? I do repaints, I could cut you a deal. (cost of unpainted doll plus shipping only) I just finished customizing a "Jonquil" to look like Disney's Pocahontas, and she's breathtaking, if I do say so myself. I'll be putting up pictures later today, and I'm also putting her up on ebay. This is my first auction, and I'm a bit nervous!

    Lilly, Chevalier-Fox said:
    Labyrinth, that a fantastic movie, I agree, but may be is not to late? D Bowie, should be superb
    lets hope
  • Admin
    Labyrinth, that a fantastic movie, I agree, but may be is not to late? D Bowie, should be superb
    lets hope
  • Admin
    Mary Beth!!...sorry but I have to brought you the bad news...there is no cure for Tonner-holycemie!
    so you are condemned to enjoy each minute of it!! I caught it several years ago..and I am still sooooo sick hee hee
    you are very welcome here
    • Thanks, and don't I know it!
  • Admin
    Thanks Mary Beth, it's nice to know more about you. Your house sounds like fun with all the Tonner action there is going on around the place! It sounds like you are quite a movie fan from the dolls you have?
    • Movies are my life! I watch at least one a day. I would just about do anything for dolls from my favorite movie, "Labyrinth"!
    • I also cannot live without my books. I have an enormous library, and nearly all my favorite
      movies have a book tie-in.
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