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I´m 24-years young doll collecting man from Finland.

I was allowed to play with dolls and ponies when i was a kid and my love for dolls begun there. I started actual collecting last year after i joining one great doll forum and there i got a chance to get my first collectable barbie doll, the blond Jazz Baby which i dreamed for so LONG time.

I also learned that there are plenty of other doll brands out there that i had no clues about before. Like Fashion Royalties, Dynamite Girls and man other dollies.

I bought the Dynamite Girl Aria from one member of the forum and totally fell in love with it and soon after getting her, i ordered more DG´s and just a bit later i started with FR dolls and i´ve been collecting them ever since.

I remeber saying that i´ll never get 16'' dolls cos they just are too big for me, well yeah.. I have now one AvantGuard which is my true love now but i got also Joe Tai´s 16'' Jo Kanaeva and she´s just gorgeous giant also.. I guess i´ll get more AGs and totally the other 16'' Joe Tai, Jo Bessonova :D


There are some '' rules '' in my doll hobby, the dolls must be jointed cos i love to photograph them so they need to be able to strike some cool poses ;)

But if the doll i love isn´t posable, i make a hybrid out of it =) For examble I love the Silkstone dolls but never truly collected them since they aren´t jointed but then a friend of mine sold her Tout De Suite -Silkie for me and i happened to have one extra FR body without a head so i got my dream hybrid! =D Gorgeous doll renamed as Silja.

To the other rule, i have to rename each of my doll after i got a new one. I´ve done that always and sometimes i even forget the actual factory names the dolls have.. Haha!


Well, that´s just a little bit about me :) I have many other hobbies too, like drawing, languages.. Nature and some sports but those are other stories ;)

I´m glad to be here and hope to get new friends.


- Sami

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  • Hi Sami, I forget the factory names of my dolls too!
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