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Hi everyone! I am new here and I wanted to meet more dolls collectors.This year I started collecting Fashion royalty dolls and I fell in love with them!
I saved all my money that I earned this summer because I am looking for Giselle  Glam Addict ! She is my holy favourite doll..Please help me find her! 
Thank you

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  • Hi Regina, I like FR dolls, too.  I just got my first 3 this summer, blond, brunette and redhead!  I want to try my hand at repainting at least one because their expressions are all so similar.  They're so delicate, aren't they?  I'll be sewing for them, soon, I hope!  Good luck in your search!

  • Hello Regina, welcome aboard!!

  • I hope I´ll find her for a reasonable price! But I´m so impatient to have her !

  • Admin

    I love this doll too she is really amazing (but I have to stay on big girl now )

    the black/white dress is simply perfect  with all the accessories. Lilly's favorite (she has to have it !!) she will ...but not the shoes 

  • Admin

    Hi Regina, I really hope you fin Glam Addict. She is an amazing doll! I have tweeted this discussion to help in your quest! 

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