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Hi I'm Kate

I'm a third time around doll fan.

First when I was a kid, secondly when I played for hours with my daughter, and just recently I thought why wait for the grandchildren?

I've been inspired by blogs, photos and enthusiasts online...I don't know where I'm going with this but I am having fun.

I don't have room at home for a collection, so my idea at the moment is to give played with dolls a makeover, and then send them off to a new life.

At the moment I'm making clothes with recycled material, or cleaning and mending pre-worn doll fashions. (I made the jumper in the photo from some of my old knitwear)

Landmarks this first doll haircut and I was able to let go enough to list the first of my makeover dolls on ebay. (she just needed her hair sorting and new shoes so I reckoned it felt less of a risk if nobody wanted her)


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  • Hi Kate - Sounds like you are having a ball with your new found hobby!!  I've been experiementing with some sewing too . . .and I'm really starting to enjoy it again!!

  • Love the welcome on this site, thank you!

    @ Simon, that's really good to know.

    @Lilly That feels quite reassuring. I've started working my way through your blog :)

  • Admin

    he Kate first thanks for joining Sew Much fun.

    you did had basicaly the same path that I had. I never played with Barbie as youngster but started with my kids. then I rediscovered Barbie when in Canada and started sewing as well with re-cycled doll and cloth. it is so rewarding to give back her beauty to a doll that seems to be lost .

    have a look at my blog the will give you an idea od my "trajectory"



  • Admin

    Hi Kate,

    Sounds like a great plan to get back into dolls. We have lots of restorers and One-Of-A-Kind-ers here too, who will be able to give you any tips, should you need any. 

    I'm sure you'll find this a great place to help you out with your return to the doll world :)

    Warm regards,


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