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Currently I am collecting Liv dolls and Moxie Teenz. I like these doll because they wear wigs. When I was a little girl I had the original Barbie that came with wigs and these dolls remind me of her.

I also have a degree in Fashion Design, but I don't like making things for real people. They are too fussy and don't like to pay. Now I am using my skills on my dolls and I am having a blast!

I look forward to connecting with like-minded people.

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  • Hi Ayofemi, welcome to the family. I like Moxie Teenz dolls too, but I haven't managed to find them in my country.

    • Thank you for the welcome. I found my first Moxie, Melrose by accident at the thrift store. Then I went on ebay and I wanted Arizona but she was $89-$114. I went into my Goodwill store on Sunday and there she was! I did a happy dance in the store!

    • oh!  that is dolly-magic!  -  how marvelous for you!

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