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Hi There

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to those who have already welcomed me - this board is so lovely and friendly - I guess I should tell a bit about myself.. My name is Val but Chataine is my favourite silkie so I adopted her name too.  I only collect Barbie as I cannot afford any more addictions.  I collect all types of barbies though - vintage, mod, 70s, 80s, 90s, playline, vinyl collector.. Pretty much if it is a Barbie I collect her and her outfit.. I just love that they are minature snapshots in time of what was in fashion since the 1950s..

Though I do love the silkstones especially - I love to redress, restyle, reroot and revamp them.. I also love the OOAK silkstones - it is such a privelege to have the work of the artists who repaint the silkstones - they are so very lovely people and also so talented..  I also collect doll outfits for the silkstones (I stalk evilbay for fashions and I"m not above snaffling other doll companies fashions for my silkies) I'm also so lucky to have found some of the most beautiful OOAK outfits also created by such talented lovely seamstresses and designers too. 

I so love seeing other collectors dolls and outfits and dioramas and I'm trying very hard to learn how to take a good photo - I've learnt some but I have a long way to go and much to learn..  As you can see from this I love to chat too.. 

((Waving to everyone)) Val in Australia

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  • You are a lovely chatter!

  • Admin

    Hi Val, lovely to have you as part of our community and thanks for saying hello and sharing a little about yourself.

    Waving back 

  • Hello Val, so nice meeting you here, too!

    I´m a new member of this community as well, but I already love it here. It´s the perfet place to be for every doll lover! I am looking forward to see pictures of your collection!

    Have a lovely week and warmest regards from the other end of the world ;-)

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