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I've been lurking for a while, and doing a little exploring, but I thought I should introduce myself.

I'm Alison in sunny southern California, and I'm the editor of the Fashion Doll Review. I collect BJDs--Peak's Woods are my obsessions--Tonner, fashion resin (I adore JAMIEshow), Steffie faced Barbies, and vintage Barbie.

The past year has been a busy one--our youngest (of four kids) has started school, and I've taken it to publish some books, including Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners, which was finished in the summer of last year.

This summer, I also finished two additional photo-heavy books, one a reference book on Steffie, called Steffie: Out of the Box, and another more artsy book, called Alice: Out of the Box. I've currently got two more in progress, and I try to write a little each day.

I've been working on my photography skills and stumbled across George Gonzales' photo tips. My worst problem is spending time on set up--it never fails that I'll get a bunch of photos, and my model's hair will be out of place. Or, the photo bomb. Like this one, in which my helpers crash the photo:

Isn't that hilarious? 

Anyway, I love what I've seen of this group so far, and I can't wait to see more!



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  • Adorable helpers, there.

  • Nice to have you here, Alison!!



  • Admin

    Hi ALison, thanks so much for taking the time to inroduce yourself! I absolutley LOVE your pic above!! The doll still looks stunning even though her shot is being invaded by those two curious rascals! 

    Lovely to have you here on dollobs and hope to much more of you! 

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