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Guys... I'm still in shock. I know I haven't been round lately but I've been busy working. Anyway, last night I came home and Marian, my boyfriend, blindfolded me, took me to our Christmas tree and filmed me while I was opening this huge green box.

Inside was a trully OOAK Barbie made by Ninimomo to resemble me in my june Marie Claire spread. It is entitled "Ada is getting married doll" and, of course, it came with a note saying "will you be my wife?". 

Here's the doll:Photobucket Photobucket


It also has a ring:Photobucket

The original pic:

Ain't he the sweetest guy ever???

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  • oh my, this is such a sweet, wonderfull story!!! wow! you are very lucky!

  • OMG, that is sooooo romantic!  Some girls have all the luck, lol!
  • Admin

    did you?? did you say yes???

    wonderful story, you have a true romantic there hee hee

  • OMG! when I you told us about this dolly I felt so happy for you, such incredible way to propose marriage!! I can imagine how you look in the video, your face and smile.  Ninimomo`s creations are so divine, and to have your own doll! I wish you the best too, to be a wife is so nice, I can tell! I got married last year, is wonderful to feel you have a best friend always with you, sharing all.


    :) don´t lose your smile! wonderful things comes in life and this is one of those! hugs dear Ada!!

  • How awesome is that, o my God. Congratulations!!
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is really sweet and touching! I didn't believe that such romantic guys still exist somewhere! :))) And what a wonderful idea indeed!

    The doll is so beautiful.

    Congrats Ada!!!

  • Admin

    Ada, what a fantastic doll and an even more fantastic thing to happen! Your man is indeed the sweetest and very romantic so I hope you said 'I do' :))))


    Very many congratulations to both of you!


    Thanks so much for sharing and wonderful to see you on the site again! I hope your work will not keep you away too much longer ;)

    • Definetly coming back! I also will have a kinda late Chstimas present for you. It's not exactly what you think it is. :P I'll send it to you after I come back from the holidays. :* and thanks for your wishes. He indeed is the best thing that ever happened to me!!!
    • Admin
      A present for me? (blush) That's very sweet of you, I look forward to seeing what it is, I am very intrigued ',:-) Thank you so very much!
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