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I feel welcomed!

Hi there!I'm Cynthia from the Netherlands and I'm a barbie fan and ooak'er. I also eying dynamite girls and I love Obitsu and BJD's. I do clothing commissions, though I'm considering myself still an n00b in most doll areas. I wish I could open up a doll store in the Netherlands to get the cool stuff, because stores are pretty sparse here and stuff is expensive!My creations are shown on my deviant art account: http://cyndrome.deviantart.comI'll go browsing this amazing looking site now!

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  • Hello Cynthia,

    i just joined the community and it´s so nice meeting people who share the same hobby as I do, I´m an OOAK´ler as well and it´s so great meeting other artists. I checked out your page and the little pony zebra is too cute, but I especially like your minimalistic drawings! very good work.

    have a nice weekend!

  • I collect Barbie too and Tonner. I collect all kinds of dolls. I love any fashion doll and vintage and antique. I have a few baby dolls too. Nice to meet you!

  • I think you mean the Alice dress. No it's not a dutch design. My client wanted the dress Alice wears in some video game. I based my design on that and came up with this. I did the pattern myself, used a barbie pattern and re-sized it. Thank you! 

  • Hi Cynthia. I enjoyed looking at your deviant art page. I like the custom dress you made for a Monster High doll. The black one with a white "apron"-- is it a traditional Dutch design? Did you make the pattern yourself?


  • You do a great job with the reapaints and clothes!  You have a bright future ahead of you as more people get to know your work.  Good luck!

  • Lol, the economy here isn't that much better. But I really wish I had easier access to dolls!
  • Admin

    Hi Cynthia,

    Welcome again to DollObservers and thanks for saying hello! I have just been enjoying your deviant art page. Very beautiful stuff, you are very talented :)

    I am with you about a store, I would love to open one here in the UK but it seems that 'real' doll stores are closing all over the world due to the economy (along with all the others too) so maybe we should leave it for now lol :)

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