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I'm new too! ^_^



I'm a fairly new Barbie collector and hoping to widely expand my collection as I get older!

I still have most of my Barbies from the 90's and like an idiot growing up I sold most of my barbies from the 80's and earlier 90's, not realizing that I would become crazy in love with them as an adult. I would have had well over 100 dolls....But I saved 60 of them and acquired almost 20 dolls the past two years. I'm really into collecting the vintage reproduction dolls they re-released (1959 Original Teenage Fashion Model Doll, 1962 Brunette Bubble Cut Doll, 1967 Twist N Turn Doll, 1971 Malibu Barbie Doll, etc) and the "My Favorite Career" vintage dolls (Nurse, Teacher, and Astronaut). I figure its the closest I can get to the real thing.


I'm also looking into getting Jem dolls, Maxie's world and She-Ra as well.

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  • Admin

    Hi Nancy,

    Welcome to Doll Observers and thanks for the lovely introduction. 

    Sorry to hear you had a 'mad moment' selling your dolls but sounds like you are enjoying making up for it :) We have lots of groups here for various dolls including Maxie, Jem and She-Ra so you should be very at home!



    • Yay! Thank you!
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